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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to NOVA_UAV_Guy

Re: Doesn't seem too bad.

Subsidy lock:

1. Control prepaid roaming ($5/min overseas gouging)
2. Control secondary market (aka prepaid, MVNO). Limit supply
3. Control cross use (only want on vendor, not competitor -- extension of 2
4. Easier to get customer into new plan (aggravation is the key to success)
5. Arbitrary rules to confuse customers, just like AT&T....

The crux of this lock --theoretically in their minds-- is essentially a secondary valve to control a person from taking a phone w/ a deadbeat account and easily selling it to say a guy to flash to cricket.

Within 2 years (or sooner) there will be universal basebands, even LTE so a phone XYZ should be able to be used almost anywhere, so these guys have lots to worry about. At that point a sub lock will be purely punitive. Hopefully google can continue to churn out nexus phones that put pressure on these guys.

Even if ETF is the recourse, this makes it harder, and now ILLEGAL. So these yoyos are happy. The above are just frosting on the cake, and I'm sure some bean counter figured those out long ago.