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Sunnyvale, CA
reply to ptbarnett

Re: Won't unlock for international travel

said by ptbarnett:

The one time that I tried to get AT&T to unlock my phone for this reason, they refused.

That matches my own experience. I got the run-around between customer support (who said there is no such thing as an unlock group / department) and their sim unlock group who said that they only honor unlock requests coming in through customer support (not directly from end users). Any attempts to get the two groups to communicate with each other were futile.

I could not get it resolved before departure and ended up getting my phone unlocked at the overseas destination by the news/tobacco/phone dealer who sold me the local SIM.

I have since switched to T-Mobile (not because of the unlock incident, but because att's wireless service kept getting worse) and a similar unlock request there was processed without problems.

It would not surprise if the sole purpose of those false claims by att regarding unlocking is simply to sway opinion in congress (pretending that there is no real problem).
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