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Brooklyn, NY

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AT&T is rippping you off for 6 megabits at $51 a month!!
That in addition to caps & overages is a total ripoff! You the consumer must do something to stop this company from damaging the consumer wireline marketplace any futher!

Oh Yeah
Naperville, IL
Not everyone has a choice. My parents, for example, can get DSL but not cable.

Of course, if AT&T keeps raising its DSL prices and driving away customers who do have a choice, then it can justify eventually getting rid of the service, like Frontier obviously wants to do with the TV service in the FIOS areas it acquired from Verizon.
If everything seems to be going well, you've obviously overlooked something.


reply to tmc8080
I am paying $51 a mouth 12/1.5 for uverse internet. And that way to high.


Jersey City, NJ
reply to insomniac
The deal is, to push all customers to cable. So,AT&T can continue to just make large $ from wireless.


Brooklyn, NY
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said by cferro:

The deal is, to push all customers to cable. So,AT&T can continue to just make large $ from wireless.

And leave millions of dollars worth of Fiber optics & Dslams withering on the vine. Basically Bell Atlantic 1995 & 1996 all over again. Millions of customers will switch companies as there is no incentive to stay with AT&T wireline anymore. Can't wait for those customers to flee like the company's going out of business and they're in danger of losing their phone # as with a fly-by-night voip company (this doesn't happen anymore due to good number portability regulations, but the same fire under customer's rears may wake AT&T up). At least the Bell Atlantic customer service agents took customer reactions to heart when they said (in droves), a long standing customers for deacdes are about to leave them and NEVER come back. That's what got FTTP and Verizon started in the first place. Since then we all know they've lost that innovative spark and squandered any good will they built with that 24 billion dollar FTTP network to allow Google to steal their thunder with less than a million customer (served, sofar) deployment of Gigabit FTTP.