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Purcellville, VA
reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: The post office should cut costs

said by ISurfTooMuch:

As for UPS and FedEx not delivering at convenient times, no, they don't. That's something that, if the USPS did it, would be better than these services.

One major difference between FedEx/UPS and the USPS here... When leaving packages when inclement weather is expected, FedEx and UPS will put your packages in a plastic bag to ensure they're not soaking wet by the time you get them.

The USPS can't be "bothered" to do "fancy" things like this (i.e. the postal carrier is too lazy) - hence a number of times I've returned home from work at the end of the day to have packages ruined. One time I had the package shipped via UPS, and they handed off to USPS which treated the package like garbage - I was shocked. When asked, UPS told me they couldn't guarantee that the USPS wouldn't handle my packages shipped through them - hence why I will not use UPS anymore either.
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