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El Paso, TX

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reply to David

Re: I think all prices are going up.

said by David:

I guess the dumb question is, what isn't going up?

The bang for the buck on information technologies, where the prices are actually dropping exponentially all the time*

Like for example, People used to have to spend thousands of dollars to get 4TB of storage capacity just a few years ago. These days all people need to spend to get that kind of storage is $170.00.

It's the same story for processing speed, where just a few decades ago the processing power that fits in your pocket used to cost millions of dollars and was actually called a "super computer"
These days you only have to spend around $300.00 to have that "super computer" on your pocket, and it's around 1000~2000 times faster.

So you see, the fact that AT&T is not only raising the prices on obsolete technology is ridiculous when the technology to deliver gigabit speeds for around the same cash exists today.

* -- Unless you're a telco that is unwilling to serve customers with new technology because they can't be bothered to spend a dime on infrastructure, since they already charge you the same with their obsolete and very soon useless technology. (and then maybe they can convince you to spend exponentially more on their wireless networks, because you know, there's a spectrum crunch and bandwidth is so finite they have to have your right eye for just a little bit of it)