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Bronx, NY
reply to Twaddle

Re: DSL pricing from ATT

Again the old Rich guy slogan "why should we provide it for those that need it" i mean come down from that cloud dude and do some christian like "share the goods with those that need" oh and if you are not a christian(insert other religion here) or don't believe in anything then follow the golden rule: Do on to others like you like to be done to you" I don't care giving my taxes to fix the problems in my community,city,sate or country. You want to hear a good joke..find me a right wingers that actually care for the poor. Oh and funny thing is that every gov that is not a third world nation wants their children to have the latest tech so they can move forward no wonder we are dropping in the education level all over. Also those ideas you have post office,hospital hard copies and paying carrier are not working because theres no money for it yet with the net you can do all that guess for how much on the long run?= Free. Also want to know why those public services are not open 24/7 365..simple because theres no money for it but yet we have money for improving our military to fight every country in the world but no money for internet and better education for the poor. Oh and mind you i love the military but we need to take care of our poor,children and the elderly.