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Sandy, UT

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reply to Crookshanks

Re: Uh... feel free to build out your own nationwide network...

Those doing the arguing are often doing so without a whit of knowledge on the issue. Most people aren't old enough to remember when this country wired power and telephone into the rural areas but in almost every case it was done with a municipal coop project.

Later after the fixed capital costs were recovered the existing facilities were sold to the utility monopoly under the promise that future costs and service requirements would be regulated by the state to preserve the investment of the local community. In the process state utility regulation boards were setup and implemented service requirements and price limits. Most of these "no-muni" laws also take the step of gutting that regulation as well.

So why should a company that purchased these lines under an agreement that required service and price controls get to wave those requirements while at the same time preventing the communities from providing for themselves just like they did originally?