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Re: DSL pricing from ATT

Actually, the postal service is a separate entity from the government, that operates on it's own funding that is made from operating its shipping/ mailing business, however it's owned by the public (but not funded by the public, as mandated by the constitution of the united states). As it's publicly owned, congress purposefully screwed it (requiring prefunding of retirement accounts for... 70 years I believe?), in order to bankrupt it and drive all the business to the private sector (which doesn't have to prefund retirement accounts at all).

So, my point is... if all correspondence from public institutions swapped to the postal service, it would cost more (say a hospital sent 40,000 emails, that would only cost the really low internet costs... now if the hospital sent 40,000 snail mail letters that would cost $17,600 if they were paying only $0.44 for the paper, envelopes, and stamps. So, patient quality of service would vastly degrade because it would take 2 weeks to get medical records because we can't provide internet to hospitals, and tax payer shouldn't give phone lines to the hospital either, because that is a luxury too, and because the hospital doesn't have a phone line they cannot use fax machines to get medical records... So, gotta raise the cost of medical care because there is not an instant cheap method to transfer all the patient records, and long wait times.