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My socks don't match.
Hawaiian Jellyfish

No WOW looking, but it's there using it.

My wife and I just upgraded to Motorola Atrix HDs. I have to admit there wasn't any "WOW" about it, but reading the reviews and checking out the specs, they're solid phones. I was a little hesitant getting them, but am glad we did.

Using them, though, does the "WOW". They're a lot better than the 2 year old pones they replaced (and HTC and a Nokia). On my train ride home, the old phone would consistently drop its data connection. The Atrix is crazy fast the entire route. I ahve yet to drop a call or have any kind of connection issues. Battery life as a phone is pretty good. As a wi-fi hot spot, not as much (but I expected that).

It's too bad Motorola isn't a bit better at promoting their phones with some WOW factor. They're really really good.