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Rutherfordton, NC

Cable Modem Restarts Everyday Several Times

Okay So I have Northland Cable its a local cable company here in my small town. Well I since had the 24meg speed since December of last year on DOCSIS 3 my modem has restarted itself several times a day everyday! sometimes it will go a day or 2 without doing it but most of the time it does it every day and sometime more than once. I did have the horrible gateway arris modem which I bridged but since I cancelled the phone I went and got a new SB modem that I bridged( it was free they gave it to me) and it restarts too! I never had this issue back when I had my DOCSIS 3 modem back when they were only DOCSIS 2, But I sold it cause we got the VOIP phone and I downgraded to their DOCSIS 2 modem but STILL never had this issue until I upgraded from 12megs to 24 megs.

Ive been with them since 2006 and never had this bad of an issue. Ive spoke to the main tech person there and it seems to stump him everytime as on his system it shows it being online longer than the modem actually is.

Here are my Modem Stats

I just Noticed my Upstream levels are 10 higher than that they were with the arris.

Warner Robins, GA
Do you have a good Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protecting the modem? If so, is it set to the smallest allowable voltage and amperage variation? I have used this to reduce modem performance problems for some people. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it does not.


reply to hyelton
Can you look in the logs and see if there are any T3 or T4 timeout errors being logged? (and I agree with hyelton, a good UPS and surge protector certainly can't hurt.)

reply to hyelton
The previous modem having 10db less on the upstream might be a hint. Modems are not 100% accurate with those levels.

I think you may have multiple upstreams available, 29mhz being in your screen shot, at 40db. Try rebooting the modem a few times and see if you pick up a different upstream freq and check the db. There might be some noise on the upstream causing reboots and just bad timing with the d2 to d3 upgrade.

Depending on the local plant, there might be up to 4 upstreams available, they should all be reporting about 38-42db, if one is 5+ db from the next, there is noise somewhere.