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IPv6 connectivity going in and out?

Is not normal for this to happen?

Right now I'm pinging google's ipv6 server: ipv6.google.com

with this command: ping -6 ipv6.google.com

and i get 'request timed out'

sometimes it will work though, but it just seems like it's a random occurrence when it'll work

would getting an ipv6 ready router prevent this?

So that others may surf.

TWC hasn't deployed IPv6 to residential users on any wide scale.

How are you connected? What OS? What IPv6 config do you have to get an IPv6 IP address? Can you post a tracert to the Google IPv6 server?


New York, NY

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I have two SB6120 modems configured for 30/5, although they don't have the latest firmware. I can't get native IPv6, even with a direct laptop connection to the modem.

However, on a recently provided Arris modem with 8 channels instead of 4, I did get IPv6, and all tests at test-ipv6.com passed, except that there seems to be no RoadRunner IPv6 DNS, so the IPv4 DNS is used. Then I tried to pass IPv6 through my Netgear WNDR3700 using the latest firmware, and both the Auto-Config and DHCP options failed to pass IPv6 through to network clients. Then I rebooted the modem, and now the Netgear doesn't even see that the modem also has an IPv6 address.

Is this because of immature IPv6 stack support in the modem and/or router? Should I select an option other than "Auto-Config" or "DHCP"? Should I manually enter an IPv6 DNS somewhere?

Advice much appreciated. I love my WNDR3700, so I hope it's not the problem.