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Death From Above
SOG C&C Nrth
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reply to antdude

Re: Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams

be sure 2check this


and here

just a few of dark comets 2do items:

Find out all system information, including hardware being used and the exact version of your operating system, including security patches
Control all the processes currently running on your system
View and modify your registry
Modify your Hosts file
Control your computer from a remote shell
Modify your startup processes and services, including adding a few of its own
Execute various types of scripts on your system
Modify/View/Steal your files
Put files of its own on your system
Steal your stored password
Listen to your microphone
Log your keystrokes (duh)
Scan your network
View your network shares
Mess with your MSN Messenger / Steal your contacts / Add new contacts!
Steal from your clipboard (things you’ve copied)
Control your printer
Lock/Restart/Shutdown your computer
Update the implant with a new address to beacon to or new functionality
Watch your webcam
Use your computer in a denial of service (DOS) attack
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