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Exton, PA

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Re: Looking for soundbar that can be controlled by Comcast remot

Picked up the JBL this morning for the regular store selling price of $248. Stopped by Lowe's on the way home for some black heavy duty cable ties. Brought it in the house, unboxed it, read the instructions, suspended it from the TV mount, made the optical and AC connections, plugged it in, fired everything up and it is working great!

For some reason the remote gave me some agita for about five minutes. It had one of those little plastic shims to prevent the battery from making contact which I removed, but still no response. I removed the battery and it checked out at 3.3V. Put it back and still nothing. Pulled it again and rubbed the battery on my shirt, replaced it, still nothing. Then, I thought it might be an issue with the proximity to the TV. I shut off the TV and then the unit responded. MIXED EMOTIONS FOR SURE. Fired up the TV again and everything was working as it should including the remote. WHO KNOWS?

I then paired the JBL with the volumes & mute of the Comcast remote as per instructions...WORKED PERFECTLY THE FIRST TIME! The Bluetooth streaming is not important to me. I'll give that a shot at a later time.

The sound? HUGE improvement over the onboard speakers. More highs and lows, although the latter will not blow anyone away. That wasn't a major consideration, anyway. What's nice is even after only having it running for a few hours, I noticed that you can keep it at an overall lower DB level than the original speakers and hear dialog just fine. There are also "finer gradation levels" of sound. BTW, I'm a 64 year old musician whose ears have been ravaged by innumerable gigs over the years, and clarity is one of the main reasons we needed this.

So, if anyone is looking to improve the overall sound of their new thin flatscreen and retain use of their cable remote for $250, this is a viable option.

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions. This is a Fabulous Forum!

West Linn, OR
Thanks for the update. Sounds like you got a great deal.