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Wheaton, IL
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Re: Switching to, a $15 difference in net savings, etc.......... Are all the COSTCO's and Sams Clubs of the ISP. They buy large chunk of data, and phone lines for a discount from AT&T, and then pass that discount on to you. Just like COSTCO does, you can buy 1 can of dog food at your local store for $2.95, or 12 cans at COSTCO for $18. Yes, these deals are not everywhere, but they are in lots of places. One big problem with them is, tech support. Your DSL goes down you call tech support, they go through the usual steps and then say well we can't help you, you need to call AT&T, since they actually "own" your line. You call AT&T, spend 40 mins with a CSR, with them trying to pull up your account, because you don't have a AT&T account number you have a account. Then you get the blame game back & forth, well we, AT&T, checked our lines and everything is fine call But I just spoke with Trust me been there done that, it's a big headache, yes saving money and all, just when it comes time for tech support, keep your fingers crossed for knowledgeable support reps on both sides.

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Granite City, IL
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If they do it correctly your ISP should be calling AT&T, not you! AT&T won't have any information on you because their customer is,, etc. So if your ISP is telling you to call AT&T, I would turn right around and ask them "Does this mean I give them my monthly $$?" "Perhaps I should call them, thanks for that!!"

Typically they change their tune real quick!