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[CenturyTel] Want to use my own DSL Modem on Business Line

I have Centurylink DSL on my business line and I'm paying a lease fee of around $6/month. I own a Centurylink 660 Modem that I would like to use on this line and no longer pay a lease fee. I'm being told this cannot be done, and even if I use my own modem I will still be charged the lease fee. I understand that they won't be able to troubleshoot (but I claim they can because my modem is branded Centurylink), but I don't understand why I MUST lease their modem when I own my own. Can someone from Centurylink help me? I'm located in East Texas.


Windsor, NC
You should be able to. I use a Netgear DGND3300v2 on my residential dsl line with static ip. In order to stop fees, I think you would have to talk the original modem back. I could be wrong

I would be happy to give them their modem back, but they said that I MUST use their modem. I wonder if it's different with a business line because I know that my neighbor uses his own modem on his residential line. But I'm not sure why a business line should be different. Hopefully someone from Centurylink might be able to answer this.


Tarboro, NC
reply to JeffG
»Router lease fee for Business DLS customers

Welcome to my recent discovery.

I don't like it at all and am complaining. I'm waiting on our corporate office to get me the first few bills and they've yet to do so. I'm wondering if they had anything on them about the modem fee being mandatory or not. I know they didn't say that on the phone.

If you get anywhere, keep me posted. I'll try and do the same if i get anywhere. Good luck.