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Rincon, GA
reply to ranman2

Re: Satisfied Hughesnet gen4 customer

Count me in! I am thinking of starting a website "Let's put HughesNet out of Business" and charging a $1.00 to visitors... using the money to advertise on every page that HughesNet searches might turn up. This is a group of dishonest clowns. After speaking at length with the salesman who assured me that the speed would accommodate my insurance/health care management business needs and the use of LogMeIn for my remote workers, I spent three weeks going back and forth with the "professionals" at HughesNet. Although the speeds I was experiencing was closer to what I might get with a 20 cent dial up modem, they kept telling me everything was working just fine. For you consumers out there who expect people to be straight with you, speed and latency are two different things. Speed is upload/download. This is what they advertise. I bought the shiny new Gen4 version to handle my business needs with lightening speeds of up to 15 mps. Up to is the operational word. I learned that HughesNet means by UP TO is that is is not beyond the realm of possibility, but don't count on it... What they really mean, according to Tier 4 Hugh at HughesNet, is that you can expect only 60% of that speed.. so 15 really means 9.... Still doesn't sound so bad does it... Well it is. This doesn't mean that your speeds will vary between 9 and 15 ... it means that if you AVERAGE 9, then you are spot on... So if you get a 2, 3, 5 10, 15, and an 8 and this averages an 8.6, well you are really close to that 60%,so you're all good. Latency is another little speed issue they don't mention until you complain that everything you are using times out. Then they yell at you!! Dummy, don't you know that the signal is going all the way to outer space, some 23,000 miles and back. What are you expecting, miracles????? I really thing ol' Hugh needs to take a Valium! But then, no, I did not know that. I thought that if you asked if a company could perform a service, they would be honest enough to tell you if it was not possible. Not HughesNet. What a bunch of clowns!!! I am not a nut... I rarely complain about stuff. If you are an innocent thinking that maybe only malcontents are posting here, please believe me... RUN!!! Verizon Wireless MIFI which fits inside my purse provides 20X faster service, polite and helpful customer service and the price is far more reasonable.