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[Internet] Arrogance of Bell Kiosk sales people

I know this isn't the first thread of its kind, but I'm writing it anyway...

I was approached at my local gym by a bell sales person running a booth there, starts going on and on about "Fiber". After his brief speech I told him I was comfortable at Teksavvy and didn't want to change ISP for a matter of 5$ or 10$. He kept pressing for reasons and then proceeded to have a field day with inaccuracies and lies not limited to:

- teksavvy doesn't have "fiber", only the "old copper" network
- teksavvy will charge 250$ for installation
- teksavvy doesn't have Fibe 25 and/or it's the old network
- Bell's new Fibe network is dedicated, not shared
- teksavvy and Distributel are bells "low end" affiliates

- Fiber goes all the way to your house [and then changes his mind, well, only a few hundred feet from your house].

What I find interesting is that all of this was unprovoked, I simply stated that I felt Bell's services were similar to Teksavvy's, the networks were similar and I didn't feel any compelling reason to switch. The guy kept pumping and pushing the hard sell - for some reason he made me feel like I was being arrogant even though I was being calm and distant. Everytime I tried to say "well, we just have a difference of opinion" he seemed intent on convincing me, and then at the end gave me a rather cold goodbye. (Could be just his style as a self-important person, ... he gave me that impression, that part wasn't necessarily bell's fault)

It goes to show what kind of training materials bell pushes out to their staff and senior salespeople. They could do a lot better especially with informed people who are not being aggressive with them. They could easily stress other points that make bell better (better backhaul, lower pings, more access to field techs with less change of charges, better than cable, etc.) rather than try to dump on wholesale providers.

I'm guessing it wasn't an actual Bell rep; but a 3rd party (likely paid peice work, to boot)

Doesn't change the inaccuracy - your points are solid, and hold true... I had a similar experience with a Rogers rep awhile back...


Scarborough, ON
reply to Cloneman
These reps likely work solely off commission and probably have ridiculous sales targets to meet, hence their eagerness to sell you on the product.

Although, I'd agree the lies are pretty annoying and laughable. I frequently get calls from Bell begging me to switch over. I need both TV and Internet so the max they can offer me is 15/10 if I take both services in my area. They keep trying to convince me that their 15mbps download speed will be faster than my cable 25mbps connection purely because they deliver the connection over a "dedicated fibre" to my home...

Kitchener, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to Cloneman
The other day there was a Bell minivan parked on our street and it wasn't a tech as it had some sort of other label on the side, e.g "Bell Street Team". Three Bell employees jumped out in a really bright hue of blue jacket (Massive Bhell logo on the back) and started going door to door. My guess is that Fib TV is being pushed. Sadly I didn't get a knock at the door to have some fun debunking their BS. Oh well maybe next time!


Etobicoke, ON
reply to Cloneman
They knock on my door at least once every couple of months, I just open the door and say Teksavvy, they have started to apologize and walk away, no more talking form them.

reply to creed3020
c2roth -- Are you still in the Fairway Rd./King St. area? It quite annoys me how BHell is putting so much effort into marketing Fib, yet many pockets of the city are still stuck with basic 5Mbps service, like me! I'm near King St. E. & River Rd. and the JWI physical cabinet was replaced about 2 years ago, but no stinger attached or fibre run to it. How is it that all the huge highrise apartment buildings on King St. E., south of Fairway, aren't a priority for Fib TV? I watched BHell crews put in a bunch of remote gear at Fairway & River a year ago, and that only serves a relatively small low-rise apartment... grrr!! Outside plant upgrade priorities seem randomized.
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