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North Hollywood, CA

[General] Time Warner Business Class - Exceptionally Long Instal

Hey all,

We signed a contract for Time Warner Business Class Fiber 1st week of Nov last year. Due to our current ISP overselling it is a semi urgent issue (we pay for 8Mb/8Mb get ~ 2Mb/2Mb). We explained all this prior to signing the contact and was told it should take under 100 days and if it was going to take longer than 60 days they would provide us a cable connection (which we signed a separate month to month contract for).

They have been decent with keeping us up to date, at the very least an e-mail every other week, but we just received work we are still 3 months out at best. This is for both the cable and the fiber connection because there is not cable connection coming to us right now (even though we were told that there was an inactive line already) and they have to run both the fiber and the cable. We also were told that we cannot just cancel the cable because that additional revenue was needed to pass the ROI for the installation (and in all honesty I would rather have it in case someone decides at a later date to get TV installed). However we are allowed to cancel the cable internet connection after installation since it is month to month.

While I understand that time estimates are just that, estimates, the fact that we are over 100 days in for a 100 day installation and we have another 100 days to go is quite annoying, especially since the backup plan that was absolutely available is not available.

As of last week I was told that they are about to start the process of getting approvals for the poles and then permits (there are 16 poles or so over a few blocks), it seems to me that this should have been started months ago. Am I incorrect in assuming this?

Unfortunately we are at their mercy as well since there is no other fiber within miles of us and no one else can provide us more than bonded T1's with a max speed of 5Mb/5Mb due to our location.

To top it all off, even though the business end of my company knows we do not have a installation date as of yet they have already started the hiring of our remote sales team that will be unable to work remotely without having the new internet connection in. The whole I told you that this will not work yet, why did you hire them knowing that for some reason does not seem to please the executive end of things.

Did we just happen to get unlucky with this installation or should I have expected the installation to take this long? My experience has been in Data Centers / previously lit buildings for the past 10 years and I figured that having the backup should have saved me in case the fiber was going to take longer, guess I now know to have a plan C as well.

Does anyone know of a good contact to see if this can be pushed along?