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[Extreme Plus] smcd3gn (bridged)+ router?

Hey, I was wondering if I turned my modem into a bridged connection and used something like a netgear router if I would be able to get a more stable connection because the smc modem is so unreliable I barely get the advertised speeds so the past couple days I've been calling Rogers.

The first time I called rogers before I talked to them I was getting about 5mbps (should be getting 45mbps) now this was on wireless, so the lady I was speaking with told me I needed to plug into the modem and do a wired test. I Did a wired test and got around 20mbps (download upload is usually fine) now she did something with the router or something and I got 70mbps!) she said something about interference with other things in my house so she couldn't fix the wireless so I hung up.

I tested the wireless after and was getting around 25mbps not exactly close to 45mbps but I was pleased that it wasn't 5mbps now I tested it again and it went from 25 to 22 to 20 and then right back down to 3mbps. (i've done this about three times now) Will a router make ANY difference? Any suggestions tips or help would be much appreciated, thank you... sorry for the long post.

London, ON
·WIND Mobile
·Rogers Hi-Speed
If the issue is your cable connection (and this seems to be the case since the issue appears even when wired), a router will do nothing.

That being said, it's possible you have a defective modem. Has Rogers checked your line stats or sent anyone out to find out why you're only getting half the speeds you're suppose to be getting?

Side note: Getting 20 megabit on a 45 megabit connection, is nothing to be happy about. Of course speeds are always "up to", but it should be pretty easy for Rogers to clear up any issues on your line (barring node congestion or other over capacity issues).