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Re: Toronto CityPlace internet options

"Bell, TELUS and SaskTel no longer install copper in new developments... Everything is FTTH; and there is serious talk of overlaying fibre in meaningful portions of their legacy network...

But, it takes time and money... Fast forward 5 years, and things will be exceptionally interesting, IMO."

Bell Aliant began FibreOp in 2010 and within 3 years managed to expand their coverage to the following areas:

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FibreOP#Fi ··· ce_Areas
»www1.bellaliant.net/fibreop/map. ··· map.html

Sasktel Coverage (Infinet Began in 2011) is as follows:

»www.sasktel.com/personal/infiNET ··· rage.pdf

»www.sasktel.com/personal/infiNET ··· rage.pdf

I think 5 years is an overly optimistic figure considering that Legacy copper will also have to be converted to Fiber Optic. Sasktel set a goal of 2011-2017 (6 Years) and some insiders believe they may not meet the Goal. Perhaps with Bell if they can invest the same as Bell Aliant ($500 Million +) and Prioritize FTTN/FTTH then 7-10 Years is more realistic.

Fort Erie, ON
reply to LazMan
said by LazMan:

Bell, TELUS and SaskTel no longer install copper in new developments... Everything is FTTH; and there is serious talk of overlaying fibre in meaningful portions of their legacy network...

Bell (and I assume the cable companies too) will do copper in a new development if they are able to utilize the existing infrastructure from a neighbouring area. Still, there is an area in Thorold that is part of an existing development that has all been wired using fibre, and the new parts of Niagara Falls going in south of McLeod Road are all fibre too. The new areas north of Niagara Falls are all copper, though.

I'm trying to get an answer on Binbrook. That entire area exploded very recently but to the best of my knowledge it's all copper.

Walter Dnes

Thornhill, ON
reply to elwoodblues
said by elwoodblues:

said by yyzlhr:

Looks like Beanfield is offering IPTV and phone services as well. Will Bell and Rogers even bother laying their infrastructure in these buildings?

Sure they will, they'll bribe provide incentives to the building manager/condo board to make them exclusive.

An rental apartment block is run at the management's discretion. For a condo building, in Ontario, it's a lot easier to deal with the builder. Basically if a condo building has a cable/internet/phone deal, it's almost impossible to get rid of. If it doesn't have such a contract, it's almost impossible to put in place. IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer). Consult a real one if you're involved in a case. Here's a general outline...
•The Condominium Act is online at »www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statut ··· 19_e.htm
•Section 22 (1) »www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statut ··· tm#s22s1 defines “telecommunications agreement”
•Section 22 (2) says that the board may make such an agreement with or without a by-law, ***BUT***...
•Section 22 (3) says

Notice required

(3) Subsections 97 (3), (4), (5) and (6) apply to an agreement described in subsection (2) as if it were a change in a service that a corporation provides to the owners. 1998, c. 19, s. 22 (3).

•Section 97 (3) »www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statut ··· tm#s97s3 lists the required notice to be sent out to owners.
•Section 46 »www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statut ··· tm#s46s1 describes the procedure for owners of 15% (or more) of the suites to force a special meeting. If owners of 15% of units do not sign the request, the agreement goes through.
•If a special meeting is forced, the proposed by-law or board resolution is voted on at the special meeting.
•If the service change meets specific criteria for "substantial change" as per section 97 (6) then it requires approval of 2/3rd (i.e. 66 and 2/3rd per cent of *ALL* units (not just the ones that show up at the meeting)

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reply to cityplaceUse
I've been looking more closely at the map provided here:

»maps.google.ca/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&o ··· 45fb884b

It seems that certain lofts are also serviced by Beanfield Condo Connect and they are offered even up to 250/250 (average 100/100) for $60 100/100 Unlimited FTTH. However the prices for these lofts are higher than that $300K figure quoted earlier.

I haven't checked all the prices for the Princess Street but the majority are also similarly high priced.

It seems that FTTH is also a luxury when other countries are decade's ahead in terms of FTTH deployment (Lithuania , Sweden , South Korea , Japan , Netherlands , USA , Romania , China and many others ...) which is saddening.