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Kansas City, MO
reply to Random_H3ro

Re: Virgin mobile down for weeks, no 3g

said by Random_H3ro:

Any updates anyone?

Can't find my VM android! I looked over the weekend... will check another place tonight.

One thing I noticed when looking at a map for the city in your profile was that sprint LTE if appearing North East of you... this makes me think they might be doing sprint network upgrades in your area. These upgrades usually lead to weeks of bad service according to most posts i've seen around the web.


Ottawa, IL

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Yeah according to VM tech support they were doing upgrades that were all completed on the 2nd of march but yeah anyways I called them up all day they had me reset the phone and reactivate it. It took about 2 hours for the phone too hook up to the network but sure enough it did and I have 3g now very very slow but hey it works im hopeing that the slow speeds have to do with what you were saying about crappy service couple weeks after an upgrade. Cant really be to mad about it they gave me a free month of service for it being out.