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reply to ptrowski

Re: Asus t300 cracked screen...

said by ptrowski:

My guess is that one in the video was one that he has taken apart before. The adhesive used is no joke. You have to heat it up considerably for it to budge. I was very surprised at how strong it was.

Yeh, I thought it was strange how it was taken apart in the video, I'm sure it's much better to heat it and separate the glass from the bezel with a razor, maybe better yet, a razor that's kept hot somehow.

I wasn't knocking the strength of the assembly method in my post, more the fact that it makes it quite unfriendly to repairs/tinkering. They love that of course, they want to sell you a new one every year, not have you fix or upgrade an old device.

I miss the old days when things were built with repairs and ongoing maintenance in mind. But such adds bulk and cost, so it's a trade-off I guess.