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what can you do?

I am in the exact same boat as OP


Sounds like a weird one. I play PS3, Steam, even using Origin cuz I have to to play Sim City. Iv used the Gen2 rotuer and Gen3 with no issues. Make sure u dont have torrents or something else running. Test I can tell u to try, turn off wifi and test just hardwire 1 PC. If you changed any settings in the router put it back to defaults. All that good stuff. If you call tech support there going to do that first thing. OUTSIDE of that do some tracert to some sites/servers that ur having issues with. If its anything outside the VZ network... not something tech support can fix. I know its a pain to call and u get someone who doesnt know how to turn a computer on, BUT if U do what u have to before calling theres always someone there smarter that you can talk to to take it from there.
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