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Medfield, MA

[DVR] A remote that works!

I often have to push my remote a dozen times to get a response. Light touches, hard touches, short, long, rock the button back and forth, ... for the vol, ch, arrow buttons - touch the top, bottom, or middle of the button. - Nothing works reliably.

The number buttons are really bad. It is impossible to dial in a channel. A number gets missed and I get 12 instead of 123 or a button bounces and I get 122 instead of 123. I nor always go to the guide and navigate (still with aggravation) from there. Often in pushing the buttons all of a sudden it will advance 2 channels instead of one; as if the request got delayed and stacked up.

I have 4 remotes, the original device, plus another , and 2 four device ones that I pain good money for. I have purchased and tried VZ's IR extender - nope, I purchased and tried an RF style IR extender - nope. I can sit and point the remote in different ways a few inches from the IR 'eye' on the STB and Yes, I have changed batteries many times.

Bottom line is Verizon's remotes are imho worth 1 penny.

btw: What is going on? Is Verizon sending my remote signal from my STB to Verizon and back to the STB before the box does anything?? It sure seems that way based on the delays and the types of responses I get.


Merrick, NY
On your set top box:

Menu/Customer Support/Replace Remote

Verizon will send you a new remote without charge.


reply to Bugler
It sounds like your t.v. may be putting off a reflection that is interfering with the i.r. of the remote. Try changing some settings on your t.v. to see if it improves such as brightness, dynamic, etc...