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Digicom Microwave Internet (Quebec Only)

So my wife received a cold-call yesterday from a company called Digicom based in Alma, QC.

Their sales pitch is that they use Microwave Internet technology (which they claimed is not WiMAX, but Pre WiMAX on their website) that uses unlicensed frequencies. They're promising us 5Mbps/3Mbps down/up from our location. The salesperson admitted that he's cold calling everyone in the area code that he can find on Canada 411, so I understand his quote is really only an estimation. But he also says the distribution tower is located at the golf course across the street from us.

The area I live in just between Gatineau and Val-des-Monts is a horrible Internet dead zone. When you hear about unserviced rural; our street, which is right on the border of the two municipalities, is the very definition. We started with Bell's WiMAX service, then eventually moved to a (mostly successful) Rogers 3G service. However, it has never been without problems.

With their promise of speed and low latency from our distance (salesperson estimated roughly 20ms to the tower), we decided to try it out. They're coming to install it tomorrow. Installation is $150 and monthly service is $59.99/mo and requires signing a 3 year contract. They say we have 30 days to try it out. If we're not satisfied, they fully refund the first month's cost and the installation cost.

I'm slightly leery about this whole affair and my wife is downright worried. Part of her is nagging that its a scam, what with the cold call and whatnot. And if its not a scam, she's afraid this is the same as WiMAX service, which was abandoned by the larger telecoms. What's to say this company won't fold under as well?

Their website does not fill us with much confidence either. Its lacking in a lot of information, is incomplete, and doesn't even make mention of the service package they're offering us. The salesperson says there's one other person in the area that has this service (though we have no idea who it is) aside from the golf course that's hosting the distribution tower. I'm hoping that this is mostly a test area and that's why they don't have a lot of publicly available information on the service.

Is there anyone that's heard of this service and has experience with it?

I'll keep you all posted after installation this weekend.

Website: »www.digicom.ca
English Translation: »http://translate.google.com/tran ··· om.ca%2F

Nepean, ON
Fixed the translate link for you »translate.google.com/translate?h ··· om.ca%2F


Jonquiere, QC
reply to Dualipuff
Digicom is not a scam, they are around my hometown (Saguenay) in Alma a lot, they have a lot of internet dead zones in the villages in that area which is on the limit of lac st-jean region and the saguenay region.

My dad has it and he goes faster with Digicom than he ever did with Bell. And he lives literally nowhere where his only option for tv is bell or starchoice (shaw) satellite tv.

The speeds wouldn't be worth it to me, but considering you will not move just to have better internet, I would go ahead, especially with that one month free trial!


Ottawa, ON
reply to Dualipuff
Sounds like you have nothing to lose by trying and little in the way of options. Let us know how it goes.


Richmond, BC
reply to Dualipuff
Bell never had WiMAX. They claimed they had pre-WiMAX which is also not true. What they had was a proprietary system / network by NextNet (now owned by Motorola). It is a proprietary OFDM wireless WAN based on MMDS / MCS spectrum allocation in the 2.5GHz range. No equipment will ever work w/ WiMAX network at all. Bell used WiMAX illegally in marketing, and used pre-WiMAX as a misleading term.

If it is unlicensed then it cannot be pre-WiMAX from this new provider either, as the power level of WiMAX would make it illegal (if they ever do it) with Industry Canada. It is probably WiFi (from the sound it could be confused , my own guess) based.

Bell inherited the NextNet based network from a partnership (which Rogers also inherited, but from Microcell, which owns both the Fido brand and the Inukshuk which deployed the NextNet network in rural and urban areas).

I had used the iFido product (same network), and friends had used the Rogers counterpart. I had talked w/ people at NextNet (before they were bought out by Motorola). I know the whole situation. It is not WiMAX.

As for your new service, it is good that they have a full money back guarantee. As long as they do keep the promise, then there isn't too much to worry as there should be enough time.


Sainte-Rose, QC
reply to Dualipuff
Digicom uses unlicensed and licensed in the 3.65ghz. They are a very reputable company and I know them personally. The OP has nothing to loose and will be very impressed with service.


Mississauga, ON
reply to Dualipuff
I wonder what their usage limitations are.
The site mentions something about $5/month for 10 additional GB.


reply to Dualipuff
Hi Dualipuff,

I received the same call from Digicom just a few weeks ago. I live on Mercier st. close to you.

I too have Rogers 3G Roket Hub and up to now I'm somewhat satisfied with the service considering we're in a dead-zone, but I find it expensive given the limited band with.

Have you had Digicom install their Microwave Internet ? if so, how is it and what internet package do you have?

One of my concerns is I'd probably have to pay a penalty for getting out of my contract with Rogers.

Anyways... looking forward for your comments...



Val-Des-Monts, QC
reply to Dualipuff
bump an old thread.

just got digicom installed here in val-des-monts (right near lac st-pierre). i opted for the cheapest package they had being 3mb dl and 10g data for 39.99 but will most likely switch that to the 5mb dl and 60g data for 59.99 shortly. Install is 150$+ tax.

Being that this is the first day using it, i have had no problems and my speedtests (with various different test sites) are showing dl speeds of about 4mb consistently.

I will keep updating throughout the month since it has a 30day risk free trial. if you don't like it, they come and remove their stuff and give your money back.

As for the install it was pretty quick. They mounted a small dish (looks like a 12in by 12in flat speaker to be honest) on the side of my roof and ran a line through the wall of the room where my router is located. Nice thing about the dish is that it's flat so no snow will accumulate over the winter! Unlike my bell expressvu dish that i have to brush off every now and then.

I'm located between two mountains so it's the mother of all dead-zones but the signal for the dish is very good thus far. Unfortunately, I'm the first person in my area to get this done so i don't really have anyone to compare with.

Anyone else happy with their digicom service?

Updates to follow.

Montreal, QC
reply to Dualipuff
There website's "English" button doesn't work. I can read French, but it's annoying.

Their website also doesn't seem to have any information on available services (they just mention "starting at $39.95" but without any speed or caps). The prices that you've posted of 5Mbps downstream with 60GB of data for $60 isn't bad. It's enormously cheaper than 3G (where such a thing might cost you more like $600/mth), and that's the important thing.
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North of 44
reply to Dualipuff

Peterborough, ON
reply to SkyNetCanada
Isn't 3.65Ghz "lightly licensed" in QC? Just curious as that's the way it is here in Ontario.... we have to register the AP's but thankfully (unlike our US friends) we don't have to register the SM's.


reply to Dualipuff
Hi, NOOBE here... was researching Digicom for reviews and found this thread! I have a cottage(4 season) in the Val des Monts area, and am looking for reviews on Digicom. Up until now, we have been using Rogers Rocket hub with aerial, and are less than happy! Summertime use is almost non-existant, except maybe after 1am! We have a ticket OPEN with Rogers for the last 1.5 years... LOL! They know there's a problem with bandwidth, but don't care enough to improve their equipment! Our neighbors are receiving the same treatment... Enter Digicom... spoke with a rep last week, says there is still some tweaking to do for our area, Lac Dam/Lac Grand, but should be available in about 2 weeks! I would like to hear from The orig OP on how he feels about Digicom, and anyone else who has had some experience with them.
Thanks to the Mod for bumping this up....


Hi Koenig,

I live in Val-Des-Monts, after several years I dumped Rogers wireless Internet + Rocket hub in September (way too expensive) and decided to give Digicom internet a try.

I've had Digicom for two months now and I'm quite satisfied with the service. One down side is they bolted the internet receiver/emitter antenna on the roof. Speaking of antenna, mine went kaput a few weeks ago on a Sunday and the technician was over the next day to replace it at no extra costs

I subscribed to 3Mbit dl/10g data for 39.99 per month, on average speedtests are close to 4Mbit dl, if that's not enough I can always request to temporarily raise my data cap or move up to the next monthly data tier.

Compared to Rogers, Digicom rates, billing and service is way better. I'd say give them a try.......

Good luck,

PS: want to buy a used Rocket hub?


This looks interesting. However I discovered a service provider called TARGO www.targo.ca Appears service is limited to the south shore of Montreal: »www.targo.ca/site/internet/resid ··· dentiel/ The download speeds look impressive as does the basic price. Data cap looks a little lean, depending on how its used.

Still if I lived where they served Id try 'em.
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reply to Dualipuff

Re: Digicom Microwave Internet (Quebec Only)

'RickMourre' thanks so much for your response. I'm in the midst of waiting for Digicom to finish up on some electrical issues they have and then they'll post up an antennae. It's good to here you're happy with them!

BTW I have 2 Rogers hubs along with an aerial box to sell cheep! heheh!


I too had to wait a few weeks for them to set up the antennae that would cover my area. I won't venture trying to explain the technology their using, but they seem deploy antennas as they go in areas where there's a demand.