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Garland, TX

Any alternative to VPN that is faster?

I have a 50MBps down 25 up connection to the internet and go through "Go Trusted" VPN service and the speed is slow and unpredictable. Typically my connection speed through Go Trusted is 400-500 KB/s
Is there a better answer to connecting to the web anonymously?
I spend $6/month for Go Trusted, month-to-month


Annapolis, MD
You could try Get a free trial and see if you like it.

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Your problem isn't with VPN, it's with the VPN provider that you're using. VPN itself barely slows your connection, as long as your hardware can keep up with the on-the-fly encryption/decryption. It sounds like your provider is either throttling your speed (to prevent video streaming, torrenting, etc.) or is over-committed and can't provide enough bandwidth for all of their customers.

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Dartmouth, NS
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Ask Keannu Reeves, he sees the net!!


Victoria, BC
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I disagree.

My download speed is 50mpbs without VPN. If I use my router (asus rt-n16) it maxes out at 10mbps which I know is limited to the router.

If I try to run it via a software package on my high end PC the fastest I've seen is through privateinternetaccess and it still maxes out around 15mbps to 17mbps.

I tried a number of VPNs before privateinternet acess and couldn't find anything that could do anything close to 50mbps.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm guessing because of the limitations of router hardware, that the only way to get 50mbps is by using a software package from the VPN provider so that you can use your PC's hardware for the encryption?


The problem with your current internet connection might be possible due to the route between your ISP and GoTrusted VPN servers. Also might be due to the GoTrusted VPN server load. You can try the free trial from ibVPN (6 hours unlimited traffic) and after that you decide which vpn provider offers better speed.


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In addition to my online security and privacy, I always prefer VPN enables me to unblock YouTube and other blocked websites. It also hides my real IP address by replacing it with different IP addresses of remote servers. I am using Hotspot Shield and using it for the last few months. I do not find any kind of problem with this VPN service and it never slows down my system speed.


south africa
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A VPN shouldn't slow your connection very much. Try to use a server that's close to you. Alternatively, try a different VPN provider. I tried several different ones and found that some were much more effective for my location than others.

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Dartmouth, NS
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The flow of electrons has to slow down in order for the servers at NSA to capture all the material.



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You can try different vpn protocols especially OpenVPN UDP Mode for best performance.

Server speed is variable based on several different factors including: your location, your internet speed, internet connectivity between our server and your ISP, the location of the site you want to visit, the VPN protocol you choose to use, and what routes you or the server takes to the content you’ve requested.

While this isn’t always possible, in general, it is always best to connect to a server that is close to you AND close to your destination.

If you find your connection is not optimal on one server, try other protocols, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN(both TCP and UDP mode with different ports) to connect, as this may be a better solution for you. We suggest to use OpenVPN UDP mode for connecting to servers which are on other continents(Ping latency over 100ms).You can also try the other VPN servers in the same country, neighboring countries and as a last resort the remaining VPN servers to figure out which one(s) suit your needs.