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San Francisco, CA

[WIN8] Need help to install Windows 8 on new clean harddrive

Purchased Windows 8 64bit English 1pk DSP OEI DVD to do clean install on WD 1TB internal HD.Eri. Was told WD 1TB HD was already formatted. Per instructions on Windows disk "if you are installing this product on a pc for personal use I went to registered my name and email address prior to install. Site took my name and email address but did nothing else.

20 WINDOWS 8 install attempts failed, Always get error "To install the device for your drive insert the installation media containing the driver files and click ok. Note the installation media can be CD DVD or USB. Please help. Am I missing setup/boot driers I can find on net. I never got installation media containing the driver files.

I must have installed hundreds of old version Windows OS disks on my past computers but don't understand this at all.

Have I done totally senile at age 72?


Lynnwood, WA
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The install media includes all common drivers, so unless you have some oddball hard disk interface, you shouldn't need additional drivers.

To install Win8, it's the best to boot from the DVD.

Please describe your computer.
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San Francisco, CA
Thanks for responding. I have a 20111 HP pavilion H8Series Desktop. It can dupport two CDDCD;s and two Harddrives. Had 1TB Hd working before this replacement...


San Francisco, CA
reply to aurgathor
Also,I have tried to boot from Windows8 Disk by touching keys and also pressing esc as i t boots too get into the CMOS or chip info and diagnostics. I noted that I can't manually select Boot from DVD first.

Downingtown, PA
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This is the same problem I had in installing Win 7 on a new HP h8-1435. Check on HP for drivers for the HD interface. I had to go to the motherboard manufacturer to get them. Once I got them, I put them on a USB stick. When it asked for the drivers I put in a USB stick pointed to the driver and all was well.

If you do a Google you'll see this problem around. So, we're not the only ones.

EDIT: what model number do you have??


San Francisco, CA
Thanks Sparkchaser. My model #FHXD301HYR rev b. It's not a tough screen just straight desktop. Now that you told me others are having similar problems I'll do a Google search.

I had downloaded and successfully installed Win 8 Developers edition and it ran perfect but on another drive in m HP. Now that I put in a new same size Hdrive I've had weeks of problems just tiring eeffort to install.

One think is certain, being 72, I've purchased and installed my self every Microsoft product from DOSto all the early Windows. Fact, I was even thinking of getting Surface Pro tablet. But now I will never ever by any Microsoft product again. I have Android Nexus 10, and I will now wait to see whether Microsoft is (deservedly destroyed) by Apple or Google.