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Evening speed drops gone for now.

After six months of trying to go through normal channel's with the support people (with very few exceptions) playing the "PASS THE BUCK" game, yet after climbing the ladder finding the key problem was clearly at the top of Port Orchard support with Mr. Nunnally who is the decider and also the logjam who doesn't even return his bosses calls and if he does finally make contact he hasn't even taken the time to find out why he even called....the communication skills of a toilet seat.

Ultimately they re-provisioned then moved the account to a different server all together which appears to have resolved the late night speed drops on my 20 meg service.

Another victory that took the same amount of time was getting the three meg service (which I pushed hard for two years) to actually deliver the speeds they advertised with the uploads being 27% lower than in their print and website ads advertised, upload is now 1 meg and not .73 which has made a big difference in page performance.

Finally, the DOCIS 3 modem at the 20 meg service vs DOCIS 2 was a dead heat but on the low speed side (3 meg) DOCIS 3 is significantly faster which makes absolutely no sense but numbers and time and feel don't lie!

Ultimately, the people that helped me out and got things pushed through were not the ones who should even be involved in support problems but took the initiative and saw a problem that was legit and needed addressing and stepped out of the cubicle and followed through, WAVE really needs many more of these people to survive!