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Centurylink ADSL with Actiontec C1000A

Over the past couple of weeks, my internet connection slowed down from 6MB to 1.2MB. I ran through all the possible scenarios: bad router, bad ethernet cables, Centurylink deep packet inspection, etc... Eventually after replacing everything, it came down to a dying ADSL modem! My old Netopia modem (not an officially supported modem) had an ethernet port going bad and since it only has one of these to go to my custom router box, I had to buy a new ADSL modem.

We don't have any cable tv, so without Internet, we really have nothing. I ended up breaking down and buying a new Actiontec C1000A modem at BestBuy. At $100 this is kind of expensive, but figured, if I am going to spend over $75 on a new modem, might as well get the latest and greatest that Centurylink supports.

The C1000A is a VDSL modem that is backwards compatible with ADSL, so I am covered if Centurylink ever does upgrade us.

Overall, the interface is easy to use, and you can do port forwarding without much of a hassle.

The negative is that the web interface is slow. Not sure why DD-WRT can make a responsive interface, but no one else seems to be able to do that.

The positive is that the connection is slightly faster. About a few kilobytes, say around 50.

I did not see too many other reviews for this modem on the internet, so I figure I post here and say that overall it works.

As for wireless: I do not use the wireless. I turned that feature off, along with a few other others.

I have the C1000A connected via ethernet port 1 to a custom built pfsense box that acts as a router. The pfsense box is connected to a switch and from the switch I have a NetGear wireless router (in access point mode) to provide wireless. The setup is complicated, but it works. However when you have a problem it is a pain to trackdown since it is complicated.

The Netopia modem lasted about 8 years, so hopefully this C1000A will do the same.

Winterset, IA
I do something similar but my modem is in bridge mode.

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Thank you for posting the information. It was very helpful