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Upton, MA

[CATV] Atta Boy When Deserved

I know a lot of people slam Charter and in valid situations they deserve it. However I like to say I had a good customer experience today and it should be noted.

Woke this AM to my bedroom box tiling and freezing on some channels consistently. Went to my office box, same thing same stations. Finally went to my downstairs box. Nothing on the display, - rebooted, time displayed. Fired up HT and message on TV "your cable service has been disconnected. Please call ********. I called, no outage reported. Couple of quick checks. Truck roll scheduled. A couple of hours later all problems gone. Waited a couple of hours and was about to call to cancel the service call. My phone rings, it's Charter. Asking if I had seen an improvement in picture, confirmed. There was an outage but I was the 1st to call in. Once more issues were logged, they got out and fixed the issue. They were now following up with customers to assure they were OK. He then asked if it was OK to cancel truck roll which we did.

Now with all the items mentioned regarding their customer service on the negative side, this item was a positive.



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I don't think most folks believe that the CSRs are doing a bad job, the problem is that the executive management has created a situation where the CSRs have a VERY limited ability to do anything other than the bare minimum in most situations. My guess is that if they do something outside the newly set framework they are at risk of being fired. I can't hold them responsible for that kind of situation and jobs are scarce today so it isn't like they can up and quit easily, they like the rest of us need their jobs.

I have never had a "bad" experience with the rank and file CSRs, they have always tried to do the best they can. But their hands are tied with the way the new MANGLEMENT has altered the customer service system.

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Even I would have to give kudo's to Charters CSR's, even if all they do is read from a script, which all CSR's do from any cable/telco company.

But when it comes to how absolutely ignorantly a company can be ran, Charter sucks the big green one!!

Glad to hear they got your issue fixed with no run around.
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South Beloit, IL
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I've largely had good luck with Charter tech support, but lately I've had a heck of a time getting them to resolve my signal problems.


East Saint Louis, IL
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"Congratulations: you have been awarded 1 "Atta Boy" for outstanding work!**
These "Atta boy's" can be accumulated for future use!

**note: the award of one "Aw S**t" wipes out all "Atta Boy's" and you must start all over again.


Aw s**t!!

That's not fair

Is it possible for Charter to be in the red when comparing Aw s**ts to Atta Boys?
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