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Wyckoff, NJ

[Rant] PLJ traffic

does anyone listen to PLJ or WABC?

as you may know, Joe Nolan was a long time reporter there for 20(+?) years. he covers the area where most of the listeners live, in this case NJ. he would cover as far down as seaside heights and as far out as CT.

Well, last year, sometime around June, cumulus decided it was time to do traffic in house. they bought a company, and fired real time/metro traffic who had been with plj for the last 20 years.

long story short, the loyal listeners are in a revolt. The new guy sounds like he should be on an AM station. his ISDN line cuts in and out with reverb, he sounds like he's yelling at you in his delivery. and he never remembers to turn his mic off...cutting in with random talk during show moments, or commercials.

As far as his traffic reports: If it's not a major NY roadway he doesn't cover it. NJ has been reduced to the turnpike and parkway, CT never gets mentioned at all. He doesn't mention if an accident is on a north or south way, getting listeners stuck in the very thing he's reporting. He misses major accidents on major NJ AND NY roadways...if he does cover it, it's usually 2 hours later after it's been sitting there for a while. And his facts are wrong.. claiming a wait time of 4 minutes when it's really 45.

I know i've emailed cumulus direct. listeners have emailed the station.. i know the station isn't happy based on on air comments they've made (even imus attacked the new guy on air)....

just curious if any other long time listeners where frustrated in the same boat... at least nolan can be heard on another station now..


New York, NY
Don't hear him now but remember Joe Nolan doing traffic reports for Dan Ingram's Top-40 deejay show on WABC. Ingram respected his talent, even going so far as to give him props on the air - which coming from Ingram in those days was the highest compliment you could get.

Cute and Cuddly
Flushing, NY
reply to TurtleFan
Joe Nolan is on 102.7 now. Its a shame about him not being on WPLJ. He was a great fit on that show.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
get the WAZE app for your smartphone. Seriously radio traffic?