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Moberly, MO

[CATV] Charter wants to charge me for running cable

I live 1,100 feet from the nearest road that has cable. Charter wants to charge me $ 1799.00 to run cable to my house. Includes up the driveway. When I first contacted them it was going to cost over $ 3,000.00. I keep saying that was too much. They came down to $ 1799.00. Still too expensive for me. I want high speed internet and they are the only option for me. Any other ideas? I have talked to the construction division.

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The Lou
If you have neighbors that are close to you, share the costs with them.

This topic comes up pretty regularly, and the only option would be for you to pay the costs. You're going have to pay a cost (one way or another) to get a signal to your house.

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Charter DEFINITELY knows they have you by the gonads and they are very good at using that fact to their fullest benefit!

Can't complain to much though if you actually got them to come down that much. What more do you want?

I'm sure that even with neighbors helping to pay and if they wanted to get connected, they would raise that price back to even higher than the original price? In fact, it would probably still be AT LEAST $1799 a piece, so it actually wouldn't help at all.
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Pismo Beach, CA
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I have heard in the past you might be able to get it lower if you agree to a 5 or 10 year contract. That is if you plan on staying there that long.

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O Fallon, MO
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Wait a minute. $1,800 to extend service 1,100 feet? You had better jump on that bargain while it's still on the table.

I hate Charter as much as the next guy, but that is a very reasonable price for extending that distance (aerial or underground!).
I'll put it to you like this: Charter is actually taking a hit at that price. You'll have to be a customer for a while for them to see any ROI.

I'm being totally serious here. I do this type of work for a living.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.

Yep, that price is about as low as I've seen for that kind of distance. If you're really serious about it, now's the time.


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If I may ask, did you just move to this home? Whether you plan to stay in this home for several years or may want/ need to sell, spending $1800.00 now can be considered a home improvement, or factor into resale value.

I have to jump in and agree, considering the typical prices that cable companies charge for that type of work you are getting a good deal.

Like others said it will be an improvement that will increase the value of your home and desirability to buyers because everyone wants decent speed internet these days.


Jacksonville, OR
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Hi we had to pay for Charter to bring cable to our side of the highway. They wanted to charge us $2400. We signed a 2yr. contract for a 50 meg business package. This allowed us to bypass the payment. It was a rental so the upgrade would not benefit us in the long run. It still seem like the best decision we could have made. Internet in America is still not considered a public utility that is why broad band is in the dark ages compared to many other countries.

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Eau Claire, WI
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You could contact your public works department and see if there are any roadway or utility projects that are coming up in the next few years... if Charter needs to relocate their lines for that then you might be able to get a much better price if you can wait to be scheduled concurrent to that work.

(I don't know this would actually help/work, just a thought...)


Moberly, MO
they would do an aerial installation fro the cable. There are no future improvements for our road in the near future. I will talk to them about a long term agreement