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Hilo, HI

[WIN8] Why can't search find many of my programs?

If I had XP Pro, all my programs would be listed in Start/Programs even if that meant 5 columns of programs.

How come with Win 8 that a bunch of my programs are not listed at Start/all programs (I use Start8)? Why, even when I search by name for programs a lot of them are NOT found?

Not all programs are on the C drive. Many are on the D drive (my 2TB data drive). My C drive is only 256GB MSATA drive.

If I remember the name of the program, I can find it by doing a search on Metro but it is found as a FILE not as a program. That's absurd. Plus, why does SEARCH not work on Desktop to find all my programs?

Now I am starting to dislike Windows 8 all over again. It is absurd to expect me to remember the exact name of every program I have! And absurd to force me to Metro search to find the programs which have names that I recall.
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Decatur, GA
Again MS is taking its cue from Apple by restricting the built in search function to not search the complete system. OS X's Spotlight is basically the same. You know a file or folder exists and you know exactly where it is but when doing a search it never turns that file or folder up.

MS, and Apple, does not want the user to search the complete system. There are things, files and folder the User has no business seeing. What a Crock.

Install any other search program and you won't have these problems.
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reply to Mele20
Start/All Programs does not "search" for programs, at least not on any Windows version prior to Win8. Rather, it displays whatever got put there by the installation program.

There are two choices for "there" - in Windows 7, they are

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Whether this is still true for Windows 8, I don't know. But I don't think it's related to the search feature.

Carpentersville, IL
dave See Profile is correct. In Windows 8, the location of any icon that was created when you installed a program would be stored in one of the two places that he listed.

I want to point out that the "pinning" of icons on the first Metro screen is totally different. I'll touch on what I do with them below

Personally, when I built (and when I will do future builds), I will take any and all icons from both of those locations, and create my own set of icons and folders on the desktop in a folder. Once my system is built, I will then copy them back to the 2nd location (which, is the global one for the desktop). I will remove icons to programs or whatever that I feel I don't need, to help clean up this area to help reduce how many icons that I have.

Once I have the "All Apps" screen the way I want it, I will "pin" the applications that I use most often to the first screen. Prior to that, I will remove any and all pinned items so that all I'm left with is the desktop icon.

For me, I know exactly what is there, as I created it.

--Brian Plencner

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reply to Mele20
In digital wold there are 10 types of people. Those, who organize their environment and therefore have fast access to whatever they need, and those, who rely on search... I don't belong to the latter and I prefer to be in 1st group all the time

Make folders with meaningful for you names and fill with shortcuts pointing to actual executable files of programs you want to run. Put those folders inside other sub-folders with, again, meaningful for you names and so force, so it will create a nested tree structure. Call the root folder whatever you like, e.g. Programs (or even Start) and put it into taskbar. That's is. Whenever you need to run WiFi checking utility you go to Programs | Network | WiFi and click on the shortcut there... Just simple like that
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