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Scythe announces dual 5.25" bay audio amp

said by Tom's Hardware :

Scythe Announces Dual 5.25'' Kama Bay Amplifier Pro

Scythe has revealed that its Kama Bay Amp Pro is now available in stores.

Scythe has announced the Kama Bay Amp Pro, a generously equipped amplifier which users can mount in two 5.25" drive bays.

To begin with, the unit has a RMS power of 48 watts, 24 per channel, a total of four analogue input channels and an expected frequency range that goes from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. The amplifier has 3 RCA female tulip inputs mounted on the back and so are accessible from inside the case and a single 3.5 mm input jack on the front. All of the Karma Bay's inputs and speaker terminals are gold plated and the latter terminal also has support for banana plugs.

I wonder if this would work in conjunction with a sound card, or in place of one?
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That is a neat little thing. I checked out the specs, it's not interfaced into the computer so you would need to line out of your sound card and into this amp. It's just power, an amplifier. If you had header pins on your mobo, for say a front panel speaker/headphone setup, you could cable from that to the amp.

Still pretty neat though.
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reply to Krisnatharok
It says quite clearly it can be mounted in two 5.25" bays but it looks external. I was confused.