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This is a sub-selection from Cap's and Sh*tty speeds oh Joy


·T-Mobile US
reply to Hazy Arc

Re: Cap's and Sh*tty speeds oh Joy

said by Hazy Arc:

Therein lies my gripe with caps. I'm not entirely opposed to caps, provided they are fair. But I'll be damned if you're going to charge me and/or disconnect my service because of "excessive use" but not provide an accurate way for me to determine what my use even is.

Welcome to what we ATT customers have been B!tch!ng about for a over a year now. You have no data counter we have one that does not work same screwed up system. How I know ATTs does not work? I track my data usage with my Netgear router and I can say ATT has never shown the same amount as ( or even close to ) my routers monthly log.

Be glad at least you get 250 GB for anything over 1.5! with a 3.0 or 6.0 mbps line on ATT to reach 250 GB Id already be paying them an additional $20 in overage as ATT caps ALL there DSL packages to 150GB ( exception to Uverse).