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Karl Bode
News Guy
reply to Thaler

Re: Ugly ass TouchWiz...

said by Thaler:

Out of curiosity, what does CM10 add to the S3 for you? The hardware in it is overkill for my needs and seems to help the stock software brute force it through any possible hang up. Just looking through the CM forums on the S3, seems to be a slew of glitch complaints, but no explanations as to why a root vs. stock.

I like the fact I can essentially gut the interface from the top down, purge all Verizon bloatware, and customize the hell out of it. Some of the stock Google functionality (typing) feels better to me as well.

My main problem is there's still a few bugs with Cyanogen Mod 10 on the S3 they haven't fixed yet, like the home button becoming borked (single press brings you to open apps instead of home, fixed by a reboot) and the occasional inability to properly click on a link without getting the alt menu options (also fixed with a reboot).

My wife's tethering also doesn't work with CM10 on the S3, so I'm thinking of sending her back to stock, and may in time nudge her back to the iPhone.