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Albuquerque, NM
reply to PeteC2

Re: Reasonable Accomodation

There are other screen readers than JAWS. I use a combination of Window Eyes and Zoom Text and never noticed the popups. And the inaccuracy is in the sheer magnitude. On a 40mb connection it would be virtually impossible to download 1tb a day, and when I was notified on the 27th of Feb. I went and purchased my own router with a meter. It says I have used 76gb since then and I have not changed my usage at all. As to my username datanabber it was conferred on me in high school about 25 years ago and isn't relevant other than I use it occasionally as it is easy to remember and unique. I happen to be very good at finding data and facts so it was given to me by someone that called me the datanabber. At the time it had nothing to do with computers. I have since switched providers and find that my usages appears to be well below the cap that centurylink set in place. My major problem is the claim that I downloaded 3072000mb in one month.

Something doesn't add right.

3,072,000Mb(small b) isn't 30Tera Bytes as the article suggests.
Data nabber, are those typos? If not it is more like 307.2GB, with the 8 bit/byte conv. Assuming a typo in the b/B, the number looks 10x short without another zero?


Albuquerque, NM
It was a typo... Just got the notation wrong...