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Re: [Laptop] How do I replace my hard drive: operating system/s

I can tell you this and describe it as best I can:

Imagine the Windows start up musical sound, which plays when Windows boots, which is 4 notes. This was almost identical only with 3 notes.

There was an extremely faint buzzing sound of 4 very brief pulses that played underneath the music.
Imagine the sound of a vibrator being flipped on and off
very fast 4 times.

It went of for 3.5 days, every five minutes, even when out of the computer.

The drive has a round silver thing in a recessed part of the front of the hard drive, with some copper wires, about 5 of them, going into the case of the hard drive, which I assume is the power source, as it looks like a battery. There are several small square holes along the edges of the drive which must be, one of them, a speaker.

I appreciate you coming back to advise me to swap out the hard drive for a new one. I doubt I will be getting another westerndigital one, as this is only 1.5 years old.

Louisville, KY
I've never seen a hard drive that had a speaker built into it! Either the sound wasn't coming directly from the hard drive or the noise you were hearing was some kind of a squeak due to a mechanical problem. Since the noise was very repetitive, the squeak isn't very likely.


I know it sounds crazy to have a speaker in a hard drive but it must have one. When it finally goes bad completely I will dismantle it.


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Have you ever seen one with a battery imbedded into it on the outside of the case?
This one has that too.


reply to Msradell
Here is the latest email from westerndiital:

"We asked because these drives do not making any type musical sound or melody.

That music you hear is coming from another component of your computer, not the hard drive.

We will recommend you to have your computer checked by a technician. He will help you determine

where the melody comes from."

I didn't believe it could be happening either.
That's why I had to put the computer, minus the hard drive, in the farthest part of the house.

Then as I was holding the hard drive, outdoors, to make sure, found that it was the hard drive doing it.

I guess this will remain a mystery without an answer.