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Wakefield, MA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to kram1984j

Re: Ugly ass TouchWiz...

said by kram1984j:

I didn't order those things from most to least important. stock is ok and yes the bloatware you can just hide from the app drawer (except Sprint Connection Manager with disabling doesn't completely disable.....), and it won't cause you any problems.

Personally I like further UI customization (customize color/opacity of shade, battery icon, boot animation, etc), forcing multiview on other apps (although I don't often use it), titanium backup (requires root) and other apps that require root, and wifi tether (but I havent actually been able to get wifi tether to work on the note 2, but USB does). Now, you can do most of those on stock-but-rooted ROMs.

Maybe most of all I just like tinkering with small things. (test out photosphere before the nexus 4 came out? etc)

msg me ill send you the settings for the note2 tether via wifi.

I use it daily. 40 gigs and counting
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