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Trust Your Doctor
reply to Thaler

Re: Ugly ass TouchWiz...

said by Thaler:

Out of curiosity, what does CM10 add to the S3 for you? The hardware in it is overkill for my needs and seems to help the stock software brute force it through any possible hang up. Just looking through the CM forums on the S3, seems to be a slew of glitch complaints, but no explanations as to why a root vs. stock.

The Biggest reasons for me? Rapid OS updates and stock UI.

I was running 4.2.2 on my S3 with CM when the stock rom was still stuck on 4.0.4. And I hateeeeeeeeeeeee the vendor UIs (touchwiz, sense etc) and cruft with a burning passion. It's basically the same thing I do when I get a new PC... wipe and intall a clean version of windows without all the crap.

Sure, there are glitches. Right now CM10.1 is still in nightly status and there are a few annoying bugs (such as when you take the phone off the charger sometimes it thinks every tap is a long press, a simple reboot fixes it) but it's really nothing major, and what I get in return is more than worth it.

I really wish there was a nexus I could get, but the nexus 4 seems to get mediocre reviews. Maybe the next one will be good, we'll see. But until there is a good nexus I will be sticking to flagship phones + CM.