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Grand Rapids, MI

[Outlook] Auto archive settings

I am struggling to understand how to set aa in Outlook 2010. I want to backup every folder once a week but I want it to leave the emails in the folders of outlook. What my settings are doing is moving all the emails to the archive folders. Is there a way to archive yet leave the emails in the folders for me to delete when I want?


Archiving isn't the same as backing up. When you back up your emails, they are copied to another location but the files stay in the original location. When you archive your emails, they are moved from their original location to another location, an archive folder. If you want to leave the emails in the original folders, you shouldn't be archiving them. Just back them up. Don't forget to uncheck Run AutoArchive every x days to disable the auto-archiving.

West Linn, OR
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What jupitermoon See Profile said is correct. Archiving is not the same as backing up.

To back up all of your emails you need to make a copy of the outlook.pst file.

Here's information on where to find the file:
»office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlo ··· 943.aspx

466 C.I.D.

Grand Rapids, MI

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Well thank you for letting me know our IT guy is not all that
I use to do something like this in outlook express years ago. Anyway, now that I have archived everything up to yesterday leaving all folders empty can I restore all back to current folders then make a copy of the pst? Looking in the data folder I see the following files.

Well I figured out that I can copy emails from the archive back to the current folders. So the only questions I have now is why is the pst file not up to date and why do I have more than one ost file?

Just a word of warning to anyone with a blackberry sinc'd to their email doing what I did above. When I copied the inbox back to the current folder it resent them all to my bb