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3800HGV-B - AppleTV - Aiport Extreme & Firewall

I am trying to figure out how to best run the following setup:

AT&T's (dated) 2Wire 3800HGV-B modem/router as the main modem-router-hub - then I'd like to hardwire my Apple Airport Extreme base station to it, set it into bridge mode and use it as the faster wireless IEEE 802.11n hub.

My main concern is internet streaming (Netflix, iTunes Store content) through my 3rd gen AppleTV that's connecting wirelessly to my network. I have no TV box on the U-verse service - just their fastest internet package.

Right now I am using the 3800HGV-B's slower 802.11g wireless network and my AppleTV. The Airport base station is not hooked up yet. When I used AT&T's default setup, the AppleTV's streaming speed would not allow for 1080p or even 720p streaming without constant rebuffering. So I enabled DMZplus mode for the AppleTV and that solved that problem. I can now stream 1080p.

But what happens when I add the wireless router? It's another device. Many people seem to suggest that DMZplus should be enabled for the wireless 3rd party router (Apple Airport Extreme in my case). If I do that, I can't do it for the AppleTV any more and that may slow down my streaming again.

Is there a way to poke holes into the firewall of AT&T's RG for more than one device? Whenever I have tried that so far, the router seems to assign the very same IP address to all the devices that I did modifications on in the firewall settings. Doesn't that create conflicts?

Thank you so much in advance for helping me out on this confusing issue.


Sunnyvale, CA

That is the same setup as I have. My airport extreme is in the DMZ+ and the WiFi on the 3800 is turned off through its web interface. In other words, the Extreme is the *only* WiFi network in my house. My AppleTV connects to the extreme's WiFi and streams very smoothly.

Note that in this setting, the extreme is providing DHCP and NAT rather than being in bridge mode itself.



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Thank you so much for your quick reply, seaprobe. Perfect that you're having the same setup.

I am still having a few questions.

On the 3800 did you enable the "router behind router detection" feature? It's that one little checkbox in System Info - Event notifications. - Might only be a warning feature, nobody has been able to explane this to me yet - since it's under "event notifications".

So, you're leaving the Airport Express in DHCP mode, correct - in order to have it act as the main router?

And the AppleTV gets its IP address from the Airport Extreme in your case. - I am assuming the AppleTV also no longer shows up in the 3800's firewall settings page then - is that correct?

And one last question: are you using AT&T's DNS routers or do you use public ones, like the Google' ones ( / - if yes, when entered into the Airport Extreme's settings, will those overwrite the AT&T default ones that somehow cannot be deleted from the 3800?

Thanks again for helping me on this one. I really do appreciate it.