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public IP on customer machine from Clear?

I have some pre-sales questions about Clear's service they couldn't answer for me. Someone here maybe could confirm or deny from experience (I'm in L.A.).

My main requirement is a public IP, on my computer. Not necessarily static, though that would be a desirable bonus if available, but public (sales and also the tech support Clear folks on the phone didn't understand the distinction so couldn't clarify). It looks like by default at least the Clear device that grabs the Wimax signal gets a public IP for ITSELF, then turns around and dhcp's private ones to the customer device(s) which it then NATs to the internet. Some discussion on forums suggests the device can be configured instead, as I need, to do bridging or "IP passthrough" such that the public IP lands on the customer machine.

My main question: as a Clear customer will I be able to have a public IP on my computer?

My secondary questions of interest:

do they have any option for that public IP to be static also? if not, with what frequency does the public IP tend to change?

does the device, on the LAN side, offer an RJ45 jack for a wired connection? or are customer devices confined to accessing the Clear device by WiFi only?

is the connection unmanaged by Clear, that is, come through from the internet to the customer computer with no firewall or any other intervention as it passes through Clear? If you know some of this from experience, which exact Clear device do you have (assuming there may be more than one kind distributed, now or in the past)?

Thanks for any help.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL

Having no clue which Clear Device you have you might look for "IP Passthrough" in Advanced Router settings.

Washington, DC
reply to daveInLA

The CLEAR Hub Express offers IP Passthrough which allows you to have an external IP.

Eg. I have a proto 41, IPv6 tunnel running over mine with no problem.

Warwick, RI
reply to daveInLA

the home hubs / modems at least have an RJ-45 port on them. The black hub express has two. However you can use a switch to add more RJ-45 ports if you need them on any hub / modem.


reply to daveInLA

with what frequency does the public IP tend to change?
From what I've noticed not very often, if at all on the home series routers anyway.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL

I have two and they have not changed for at least a year.


Batavia, IL
reply to daveInLA

If you need a CLEAR Static IP you have two options, CLEAR sells a static IP for $10 per month additional on the regular internet service plan or you can sign up for clear professional which comes with a Static IP for no additional charge. For more information on CLEAR Professional visit »www.clearprofessional.com/compare-plans

Nino Riff

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