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DSL Modem and Linksys X2000

I have read all the forum guides and posts I can find.. I cannot seem to get the router (A Linksys X2000) to use the modem in routed bridged mode or bridged mode and use the DynDNS service correctly. It keeps reporting the WAN IP in correctly and the modem a Westell 6100G is still trying to do all the routing.

I have done the Bridged w/Mac Cloning, I have done the Routed Bridged w/Mac Cloning, I have tried to use the internal DSL modem of the X2000 , I have tried calling Tech Support to the avail of "Just use the DSL Modem as the router and do all the forwarding there...".

I am in Texas, it is a Business Account, it does not have a PPPoE log in , it automatically does its stuff.

Any help taken,

Thanks in advance..


Spring Mills, PA

1 recommendation

you should see an option in the modem (the 6100 that is) to set it to RFC 1483 transparent bridging. this should get you going there: »Verizon Online DSL FAQ »How do I use a router with the Westell 6100?

then all the 6100 should be doing is acting as a "dumb modem".

after this, plug the cable from your modem into the "Cable" port on the back of your gateway unit.

i'm assuming you already did all of the above.

a user manual i found: »ipland.com.ua/modules/pages/doc/ ··· land.pdf

go to page 7, then when it starts talking about connection type, do the following instead:

set it to RFC 2684 routed mode, and put all your static ip details into the router's config page.

report back if you still cannot make it work, or need more help.