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Redford, MI

Metro-Detroit VOD issues

Anyone in the metro Detroit area having issues with VOD? I am walking HD and SD version of the same movie and it keeps stopping like I quit.


Warren, MI
Yesterday I was watching a Conan O'Brien episode,got about half way through, and it stopped. There was no resume option, and I had to start all over again, with no fast forward available. Frustrating.


reply to moviesnmore
wife said she was having the same problems


reply to moviesnmore
Rented a movie and it keeps stopping and going back to the main menu. Now it will not even play at all and after calling I got a recording that they are "working" on it. Dang movie cost 10.99 so hope they get it together soon......


reply to ghettocowboy
We have been having the same issue. When playing back VOD from history channel, video crashes to the VOD menu. It also will not let me 'resume' my video where I left off. Noticed it first yesterday 03/15. Very Annoying.

Not happy

reply to moviesnmore
Regular cable worked fine, but V.O.D. just froze up. Thought maybe I needed to reboot the cable box, and now I can't even get the regular cable back. I get an error message that said it can't connect to the server. Wife called WoW and got a recording that said NOT to reboot the box or you will lose power. That would have been nice to know before... Maybe a banner across the bottom of the regular cable channels saying they were having technical difficulties with VOD.
I can understand technical difficulties from time to time, but this is becoming a regular occurrence.


reply to moviesnmore
looks like they are having issues with VOD. It would be nice if they posted some kind of message alert on the regular cable channels saying they were having technical difficulties with VOD. Bad service!!!!!!!!


Madison Heights, MI
I have found the VOD almost watchable, I got kicked out 4 times while trying to watch a one hour show. The interface is also slow and clunky.


Warren, MI
reply to Dagnabit
I just watched the same episode again, got a little farther, and it did the same thing. Ugh!


Grosse Pointe, MI
reply to moviesnmore
Were watching a movie and got dropped like 6 times- had to re-start it, and then ff'd to where we were. PITA. So I called last night and they said they were aware of the problems and techs were on the case. A couple hours later (~1 am local time) we watched another show (an hr) without issues... hopefully the issue has passed.