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Oakville, ON

Gnet GBB2060-XI help needed

Good evening, not sure if this is the correct place, apologies if not.

I have a GNet GBB2060-XI modem, here is a bit more info on it:
Modem Info
Model : Vulcan
Name :
Domain Name :
Description : DSL Modem
Location : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A
Contact : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A
Vendor : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A
LogThreshold: 1
Object-id :
HwVersion : 810100
SwVersion : 3.C33GTT5.8821A
DSL Version : E.37.5.13
System Time : Fri Mar 08 15:39:57 2013
Time Zone : EST
DST : Off
Services : physical datalink internet end-to-end applications
UpTime(HH:MM:SS) : 488:16:23
Backup Interval : Disable

The problem I'm having is that I'd like to enable the DHCP server on it. I have gone into the options, filled out the setup for DHCP and it seems to indicate it is running, but when I connect a machine directly to it it does not get an IP from it, so I'm thinking it's not actually set up.

I am currently using a static IP, it's setup as "routing", and thus bridging is disabled, not sure if that is correct (it's always been disabled).

Is the fact that its got a static IP the problem? If not, then any ideas of why it's not working and how to get it to work?