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Campbell River, BC

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reply to EvilAaron

Re: Site down just for me, help. Stumped

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Another day more fun :)

Pic of traceroute run from router Asus RT-N16 stable toastman Tomato build with max 10 sec timeout setting. Dies at a new IP today same hop shouldn't be timeout issue and running the traceroute from router sort of knocks PC OS config problems off the list I would think. Router connected to a Shaw Cisco in bridge mode.

Fired up one of my Win 7 boxes in safe mode with networking, same deal as before cept new final IP today. The fact my android devices can connect to site in question on my shaw would point to it not being an IP blocked problem.

My router unable to trace route and ping tests to the sites IP and domain name fail, thus it shouldn't be computer setup plus windows safe mode has the same issue.

Kev here another western Canada friend and my brother 6 blocks away in same town all on Shaw can connect points towards it not being shaw blocking host or site..... I don't even know what to look at next lol. Any more tips be appreciated thank-you for the replies so far.