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Campbell River, BC
reply to EvilAaron

Re: Site down just for me, help. Stumped

Well looks like its a mystery routing ghost affecting some users. Finally managed to get on IRC...

13:24 EvilAaron Hello folks, having issues connecting to TSTN. pretty stumped been 5 days now. Anyone able to give me a hand? Read here to see what I have tried so far - »Site down just for me, help. Stumped
13:28 Dodgers EvilAaron, i have the same problem...
13:29 Stim there is routing issues for some users
13:29 Stim I don't know why

Not sure anyone knows what actually wrong but I guess its out of my hands. Thank-you for the help here guys.

Calgary, AB
It doesn't look like a routing issue though, because my traceroute goes to the same place,

12 148 ms 142 ms 148 ms
13 148 ms 153 ms 145 ms
14 147 ms 153 ms 154 ms []

It wouldn't be a routing issue if some of your devices can connect, and others can't.
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Campbell River, BC
More stumped then ever at this point. Still hitting at finall hop not like you and myself the other day. Haven't gotten any feedback from anyone on their end that knows what's going on.