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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Prairie Dog

Re: Never Ending price increases

That seems astronomical $90 when going off a contract. I was off contract for a few months and they wanted an extra $15 to $115 while not bad was not extraordinary.

I called TWC, had them connect (they have 30 day MBG), then they were incompetent and messed up CC install. I called Verizon to disconnect. I had then shut everything off (it's all software), and went back into the store and they gave me a retention bonus $10, so I'm only up $5 now for one year. In the meantime I port out my number, and then they know I'm business (go to Anveo which is cheap). I confuse them, and that's when the negotiation cycle starts.

I call them back and tell them I'm not interested in all these channels, so they move me from 25/25 to 50/25 (at first they tried charging me $10) and downgrade my TV to SelectHD. No regional sports fees. They offer a 2 year contract for $74 for this package and I sign on the dotted line. My Anveo line costs $5 a month all in (taxes on phone for VZ was $6) and CC is $4 (W7MC). Now I'm paying a good rate, and have awesome internet, so perfectly happy. Verizon customer service was always professional and helped..compared to the TWC henchmen its like going from a Lexus dealer to a used car dealer selling 3rd hand cars. That alone was worth the price of admission.

On the cell side, Verizon takes care of me just the same so I have no complaints. Just last week my ipad fried my SIM and they overnighted a new one (by 10:30AM) because I was hitting the road for no charge.

I know we whine about cost, but my Verizon relationship is one I like so IMHO that is worth my business just the same.

So I figured the $40 a month I was paying less is over $500 a year, and I was watching only a few of those channels. In fact I like Stossel (FBN), but you can watch it on the web so no Extreme. I'm finding a lot of the niche shows I would watch are all available on the web now, so no big loss except for sports. But I let my buds pay the extra $100 a month. I just have to cart the beer..


Burlington, MA
reply to rac43
Man..this sucks. Just received my bill for this month and......another price increase. I was paying around $139(no contract) for double play and it increased to about $155.
And what's with this stupid Regional sports fee bs.