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bill_ bass

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Cheap Internet Service

Just crusing the net for a different provider.

I have came across four new companies

Vianet (Vianet)
TekSavvy (TekSavvy)
Telgo (Telgo)
Acanac (Acanac)

Which one is the best, for internet and phone service, as far as price, service and the actual product is concerned? If any one has a review on any or all of the above it will be greatly appreciated!
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Ottawa, ON
reply to bill_ bass

Re: Cheap Internet Service

I've been with Teksavvy for 6 years. Service has been reliable and the costs are actually going down.


Yes but Teksavvy has outrageous connection fee!


London, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
·TekSavvy Cable
said by frank13 :

Yes but Teksavvy has outrageous connection fee!

All the IISPs (GAS/AGAS/TPIA/ATPIA) have activation fees starting at $50, except in some scenarios of cable to cable transfers. In any case the cheaper packages are FTTN xDSL ones now.


London, ON
reply to bill_ bass
said by bill_ bass:

I have came across four new companies

Here's a couple more I would suggest you take a look at...
»www.electronicbox.net/en/ontario ··· dsl.html

Start offers DSL and Cable internet.
EBox offers DSL, and VOIP phone service.

You left a lot of questions...

What internet speeds are you looking for? What level of usage do you want? What plan do you have now?

Does it matter if it's DSL (phoneline) or Cable?

IF Legacy 6M DSL is fast enough (or if it is the only DSL available to you), Start and EBox have FREE ACTIVATION for that service. Actually, Velcom.ca may be even cheaper, and also has FREE installation/activation, but I know very little about them. I believe all 3 of these IISP's now offer 'free usage' for certain hours of the day; this usage does not count against your monthly usage cap.

I highly recommend Start, if they can provide the service(s) you want.

You mentioned phone. Are you looking at the possibility of VOIP phone service, or do you want a real landline phone service, but with an alternative supplier to Bell?

Also, perhaps you know this, but having an active Bell landline determines how your DSL internet would work. Drop your phoneline, and you must enable a Dry Loop internet connection. On 6M DSL, Dry Loop costs extra, whereas on the faster DSL FTTN plans, Dry Loop is included, with some companies, including Start and EBox. But, FTTN plans depend upon your phone line's capabilities.

Cable internet should certainly be an option too, if you have access to Cable TV. Rogers or Cogeco, or other?

You can get a VOIP service from someone like voip.ms, and then use their service over whatever internet service you end up on.

Look at the startup costs for each service, any transfer methods and costs, other fees, overage charges, and of course, the actual monthly plans (speeds, usage limits, and cost).